My Declaration

​As a conduit and amplifer, I connect and support mine and other’s visions, inspirations and passions to create a connected community of integrity, authenticity and honesty, ultimately changing the world by co-creating one of love, peace, unity and oneness. 

In service, I commit to shining my light and encourage those I interact with to shine their light by providing fexible services and tools to easily, effortlessly and intuitively put their ideas, services, products and talents out there while creating fnancial independence, connecting with each others and their customers, growing their tribe and positively impacting our communities and the world. ​

I believe that a world of oneness, freedom, abundance and happiness is being co-created and I commit to shining my light to help and support all that want to make a difference. 

My Vision

I can see the day when everyone is following their passions, their call, while creating abundance along the way. Oneness, love and awakening are invading the planet. ​

By creating a community of new possibilities with authentic and honest partners and customers we can revolutionize the way we do business, interact with, relate to and support each others and ultimately create a world of love and oneness.

Our Mission

In service, the Oneness Community connects and supports ours and each other’s visions, inspirations and passions to bring oneness to the world. 

By creating a community of inspired new possibilities we revolutionize the way we interact with, relate to and support each others, for and with authentic and loving beings who want to make a positive difference in their personal world, communities and the entire world.

GRAPH A ~ A Community of Communities . . . the concept . . . 

GRAPH B ~ The Oneness Community Model . . . 


I am here to help you conduct your mission by providing a collection of easily accessible tools and services (see Graph B – blue bubbles). The goal is to create an exhaustive list of tools that the community will have selected and continue to assess as we go. Access to all tools would be centralized and one can imagine consolidating all existing accounts into one. ​

I am interested to hear about your current experience and wishes…


Being part of the Oneness Community, you are connected to other communities created by like- minded individuals that are authentic, aware, showing integrity and committed to making a positive impact in the world with their visions and passions ; people that you can trust…
This is also an opportunity to have access to a larger audience from:

● Other communities (e.g. Creating public event that the entire Oneness Community can see)

● Advertizement (Only advertizement in the community is made by members) & Affliate partners

… all while changing the World one tribe, one idea, one vision at a time !


What I love about the Marketplace Model is that is is based on the law of the Universe – the more you give, the more you receive… Also, it uses “the system” to get out of it… 😉 The concept is shown in pink in Graph B. ​

I am also curious to hear your thoughts on this…


Different level of “membership application” are available for your tribe:

. Public: Anyone can join

​. Semi-private: Only members of the Oneness Community

. Private: By invitation or referral only​

While the profle page of your Community will be visible to all Oneness Community members, different level of privacy/visibility are available for everything else (events, posts, blogs, surveys… )